What are the benefits of the new form builder?

Entry Products (formerly Assigners)

We’re renaming assigners to Entry Products to make it easier to sell an entry to your event.  An Entry Product sells an Entry to your event and collects all required information to the entry list. The Entry Product now allows you to set a price and select inventory items in one step without creating a separate package.

Parts bin

The parts bin has moved to make more room for your form layout. Not to worry, it is always accessible by clicking the “Parts Bin.” 

Better drag & drop

The new form builder introduces an easier to use drag & drop so you’ll know exactly where a part will land on the form when you drop it into the layout. 


Branches and Groups have been renamed to "Collections" with two types that better describe how they behave on the form – Pick one within and Pick many within. Pick one within (formerly Group) allows an attendee to select one option from the items nested within the collection. Pick many within (formerly Branch) allows an attendee to select multiple options. 

Manage inventory

Inventory takes a front seat and can now be managed on its own without having to edit a package. 

Manage segments

You will be able to manage your segment configuration directly in the form builder. This is a major improvement when setting up new events. You will be able to add and edit segments including the classes, groups, modifiers, and mappings. All without ever leaving the form builder. 

Mobile support

You’ll be able to modify your forms from your phone. No pinch and zoom necessary. 

Team picker

The Co-Driver picker is now known as the "Team Picker" and can created by adding a new Question.

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