How do I sell credentials on my form?

Note: This article applies to the MotorsportReg credential system. Your organization must be using the credential system for these options to appear. 

The MotorsportReg credentials system can now auto-issue any credential including memberships and licenses. This effectively puts your membership events on auto-pilot. 

  • You no longer have to review registrations and issue a credential that an attendee may have purchased. 
  • Attendees can immediately purchase and use a membership or license.
  • You can even issue a credential in a "Pending" status in cases where you need to manually approve the credential.

How to sell a credential package from your registration form 

  1. Create a Package in the Parts Bin (or edit an existing package)
  2. Give the Package a Name, Price, Description, and Inventory Item
  3. Package Extensions → Select Credential
  4. Select the Credential you would like to sell → Select a start date for the credential → Select the status of the credential
  5. Save
  6. Place the package in your form layout

Start Date Options

When you sell a credential on your registration form, you can choose when you would like the credential to begin to be valid.

Option Description
Default This will use the settings of your credential configuration to determine the start date of the credential. This is often the date of purchase, but in some cases may be at the beginning of the calendar year.
Event start date This option will set the credential to begin on the first day of the event. This is useful for things like weekend memberships. This option may not be best suited for annual credentials because the attendee would not be able to immediately use the credential for other events.
Specific date This option will allow you to specify a specific date for the credential to begin.

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