How do I create my white-label website?

We've created an HTML template for organizations looking to setup their own white-label site on MotorsportReg. Please be advised that it will require someone with HTML/CSS experience to edit.

To edit the template:

  1. Visit the editable template on CodeSandbox. A preview can be found here
  2. We highly recommended that your progress be saved by clicking 'Sign in with Github' in top right
  3. Now click 'Fork' (also top right) to create a clone of this template
  4. Once all 3 tasks (outlined below) are complete, send us the link to your forked template and we'll get your new white-label site setup

Please complete the following 3 tasks:

1. Update your logo

  • Upload your logo within the 'Explorer' on the left. 70px high for '1x' and 140px high for '2x'.
  • On line '34', adjust the width of the <img> tag to be the same width as your 1x logo.

2. Edit your brand's colors

  • Visit src/styles.scss on the left and edit the variables up top to your brand's colors.

3. Edit or delete the background image in the header

  • Line '12' in src/styles.scss is for the header's background image. Either edit or remove this depending on your preferences.

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