How do I connect MotorsportReg to my mailing list?

MotorsportReg offers the ability to integrate with your mailing list tool to keep your newsletter subscriber list up to date. We work with a third-party service called Zapier to offer integrations with more than 750 different software tools. 

Zapier has a free plan that may work for smaller organizations. More active organizations will likely need to purchase a Zapier account.

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Create a Zap with Zapier

  1. Visit → Signup for a Zapier account 
  2. Click Make a Zap! (Zapier’s term for an automated process)
  3. Choose a Webhooks trigger → Select Catch Hook → Save + Continue
  4. Copy the provided URL → Click Ok, I did this

Add the Webhook to MotorsportReg

  1. Login to MotorsportReg → SettingsWebhooks → Add new
  2. Paste the URL from Zapier into the Target URL field
  3. Select the webhook you’d like to be sent (repeat these steps for each trigger that you want to add to your mailing list).
    • contact.created is sent anytime a new person joins your organization in MotorsportReg.
    • contact.updated is sent anytime a person updates their contact details in MotorsportReg.
    • contact.deleted is sent anytime a person is removed from your organization in MotorsportReg.
  4. Set the Webhook to Active
  5. Click Save → Click Send test

Confirm the setup in Zapier

  1. Navigate back to Zapier → You should see a sample webhook titled something like "Hook A” -> Continue
  2. Click Add a Step → Action/Search
  3. Select your mailing list system from the list of Apps
  4. Choose Add/Update Subscriber → Save + Continue
  5. Follow the instructions to connect your mailing list account → Save + Continue

Configure the mailing list

  1. Select your mailing list or audience.
  2. Select Data Snapshot Primary Email for the Subscriber Email. 
  3. Click Continue
  4. Click Send Test to Mailchimp
  5. Click Finish
  6. Type a name for your new Zap → Turn on the Zap

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