New Look & Feel

The MotorsportReg product team has developed a new interface design for event organizers. This new layout and navigation also uses an all-new technology and is the foundation for many exciting new improvements. Before it becomes the default and exclusive layout in early 2019, you can take it for a spin today (and switch back to the classic layout anytime).

What's changed

  • The most obvious change is that the main menu is now on the left which places the focus on your people, events, and registrations.
  • Members has been renamed to People to better reflect that not everyone in your account is a member of your organization or you may not offer memberships at all.
  • Settings is now part of the main navigation allowing you faster access to important configuration options like club questions, vehicle questions, and classes.
  • Dashboard is now Home.
  • Registration Form is now Form Builder and is accessible at any time without having to be in your event settings.

What's new

This new look & feel is the foundation for all new features going forward. Two new features are already available when you make the switch.

Faster lists & batch actions

An all-new interface for working with lists of people and attendees. This is much more than look and feel. This is packed with new features that will speed up finding and modifying people and registrations. 

These new lists are faster, allow you to customize the columns, allow you to export your views to CSV & XLS without creating a new report, and make it easier to perform batch actions. You can read all about it on the MotorsportReg blog.

Timing & Scoring Changelog

We put an end to the radio, fax machine, or paper changes with a special screen designed specifically for Timing & Scoring that will alert for changes that need to be updated in the timing and scoring software. Once the change is applied, the Timing operator can mark it as complete to keep track. As a registrar, all you have to do is make the update in MotorsportReg like you normally do.

What's coming

  • We'll be bringing the new list and batch actions to the assignments screen which will provide a whole new level of power to the ability to create and export lists.
  • In early 2019 this new look & feel will be the default look & feel for all users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I switch back to the classic navigation?

You can switch back to the previous by clicking on your profile photo in the upper right (or helmet icon if you haven't uploaded a profile photo), then click Switch to Classic Navigation.

How do I switch between organizations?

To switch to a different organization, simply click your organization logo in the upper left corner of the main navigation bar. 

Can I provide feedback?

Yes, please! We appreciate any feedback (positive and negative). You can send feedback into our support team via Help or directly to

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