How to charge an Event Deposit

You can set up your event so that you can charge a deposit now and collect the remaining balance at a later date.

1. Payment Setting: On the Basic Settings page → Online Payment, click the button for Verify, store and defer until later. This will allow you to put their credit card on file for future charges.

2. Registration Form: Set up your package for the total package price and include information on when the other charges will be made:
3. Initial Charge: When you receive a registration confirmation, you can review the registration and charge the initial amount by clicking on the Credit Card link in the payment area of the registration:
Change the payment from Verify & Charge Later to Charge Now, enter the amount to be charged then click Complete Registration:
You can repeat this step if you have more than 1 charge before collecting the balance due.

4. Collect the balance due. You can initiate these charges in bulk by using the batch payment processing tool

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