How to manage account relationships

Account relationships allow a team manager or parent to register for events on behalf of a team member or child. 

A parent account can:

  • Register for events on behalf of the child account.
  • Use their own vehicles and reserved numbers when registering the child account for an event.
  • Manage all details related to the child account including email, username, and password.
  • Have multiple child accounts (but cannot be a child account).

A child account can:

  • Login and register themselves for events (as long as the account has a username & password).
  • Be registered for events by the parent account.
  • Revoke control from the parent account.
  • Use the vehicles in the parent account when registering for events.
  • Can only have one parent.

Attendees can manage their own relationships by  transferring control.

Transferring control

To transfer control of an account:

  1. Once signed in, find the account that will be controlled (child).
  2. Account relationships → Transfer
  3. Parent → Find the member in your club that should have control (parent).
  4. Save Relationship

Both the parent and child account will receive an email notification letting them know about the new relationship. 

Revoking control

To revoke control:

  1. Once signed in, find the parent or child.
  2. Account relationships → Revoke (you may see Can't edit.)
  3. Parent → Find the member in your club that should have control (parent).
  4. Read warning  → Yes, Revoke Relationship

Revoking a parent & child relationship requires that the child have a unique email address.You may need to edit the contact details of the child account before revoking to give the account a unique email address.

Changing the parent account

To change the parent account for a child (in the case of a racer who changes teams, for example):

  1. Revoke control of the current parent
  2. Transfer control to the new parent

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