Why do my attendees appear twice in my reports or public attendees list

This is typically caused by a misplaced assigner on the form. This issue is resolved in two steps:

Locate the misplaced assigner & update the reg form
Remove the duplicated assignment from the attendee's registration

Locate the cause and fix for future registrations

  1. Review the setup of your registration form (Settings > Registration form tab) 
  2. Locate any assigners (little blue cars) that are not nested beneath a package
  3. If the package doesn't have an assigner beneath it already, nest the assigner under the correct package

    If your package already has an assigner, delete the extra assigner. 
Nest Assigner Delete Extra Assigner

Delete duplicate assignments from the attendee's registration

  1. Open the attendee's registration
  2. Edit or add new assignments (beneath attendees name) 
  3. Delete to the right of the duplicate assignment →  Save Assignments

    Repeat these steps for each attendee who has the duplicate assignment

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