Why are attendees missing from reports or the public attendee list

If you have attendees missing from your public attendee list or reports, the most common culprit is that they do not have a segment assigned to them. This can be resolved in a 3 step process. 

  1. Check your event to see if you have attendees with missing assignments. You can do this by going to the attendee screen and clicking on a registration to open it:

    If you see No registered assignments, this is our sign that we need to assign them to a segment in order for them to appear on the public attendee list. We will first need to make sure we have a segment setup in the Entry Product they have registered with. 

  2. Event Settings → Form Builder →  Select (or create) a segment in the package on the Form Layout 

    Select the package → Scroll down to Package Extensions and select Entry   Select the Segment (or click edit to create a new one) as well as any other Entry details you want to select (e.g. Vehicle). Save! 

  3. Update assignments for the current attendees.
     → Open the registration with the missing assignment  → Edit or Add Assignments

    Your new segment will now be available to select and you can save the assignment. It's important to note the attendee list is cached and may take up to 20 minutes to after you have made the update for the list to refresh. 

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