BMW CCA Club Racing Regional Email Blast

Send an email to your regional members: 

  1. Log into MSR as an organizer
  2. If you are an administrator on multiple accounts, select the main BMW CCA Club Racing account or the Chapter account from the drop-down list
  3. Click on Members → Email Blaster (in the top black navigation bar)
  4. Check the box to INCLUDE MEMBERS for your Region (ie - Pacific)
  5. Restrict Eventselect Don't restrict by event (All Members)
  6. Compose Message
  7. Enter a subject for your message 


    Always enter plain text message 

    Optionally enter the an HTML message 


    Send Message Now.

Click the show/hide the list link (next to the To: field) to see everyone the email is being sent to. You can click the "x" next to any recipients you want to remove. 

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