How to customize a cloned event

When an event is cloned, it copies everything from the prior event including the advertisement material. To get the new event ready:

  • Update the Text & Waiver sections 
  • Make ay pricing changes on the Registration Form 
  • Update the event dates and set the event to open
  • Copy the event link/url to send to your attendees and webmaster. 

Update the Text & Waiver:

  • Click on the Settings link for the event → Select the Text & Wavier
  • Update the text in each of the boxes to reflect the information for the new event

Update Pricing

  1. Event → Settings→ Registration Form 
  2. In the Parts Bin (lefthand side) click on the item/package you want to change→ edit the price (right-hand side) 

Set the Event Live:

  • Settings Basic Settings
  • Under Event Visible → Set the event to Public on calendars and search engines
  • Update the event start/end dates and the registration open & close datesCopy the Event Link/URL:

Each event has a permalink to the event, you'll find the link in the upper right on the Basic Settings page for your event.

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