How to set license validations (SCCA)

Validation rules can help enforce rules and policies. The "True if license in comma-delimited list" test will look up a license (currently only for SCCA until other clubs make this data available) and take action based on whether or not the license is valid through the start date of the event.

Each validation rule may check one or more licenses separated by commas using the following table of options:

Program License Type
All Multi Event Waiver
Pro Competition
Club Racing Competition (checks Full and Rookie)
Club Racing Emergency Services
Club Racing F & C
Club Racing Full Competition
Club Racing Grid & Pit
Club Racing Race Admin
Club Racing Registrar (checks Nat Registrar and Reg Registrar)
Club Racing Rookie Competition
Club Racing Scrutineer
Club Racing Sound Control
Club Racing Starter
Club Racing Steward
Club Racing T & S
Enduro Full Competition
Enduro Provisional Competition
Enduro Rookie Competition
RallyCross Safety Steward
RoadRally Safety Steward
Solo Competition
Solo Safety Steward
Solo Three Year SSS
Solo Steward
Time Trials Advanced
Time Trials Intermediate
Time Trials Novice
Time Trails Steward


For checking a Solo Passport license, the validation rule would have a value of "solo:competition". For checking a registrar license, the rule would be "club racing:registrar".

If you want to check for a valid Club Racing license, the validation rule would have a value of "club racing:competition" and this implicitly checks both full competition and rookie licenses. 

These checks are case-insensitive.

You can also check multiple licenses at once, such as looking for any valid Steward license: "club racing:steward,time trials:steward,rallycross:steward". If the attendee passes any of those three tests, they would be considered valid.

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