Public Number Pools

Public Pools

It is common for multiple chapters or regions in to want to share a set of reserved or permanent numbers such as SCCA Club Racing where all regions in a Division want to have the same National numbers. We support this through our "Public" number configurations which may be subscribed to by any organization.

Only the owner may make changes to the number configuration or the assigned numbers. The subscribing organizations may only use it to determine what numbers are currently available for registration.

Regardless of how many organizations subscribe to the public pool, numbers may only be assigned under the organization that owns the number pool. Thus, the member must also belong to that organization. E.g., they need to add that organization to their profile in so that they are visible to the number pool and can be assigned a number. While Use 'N Reserve may be enabled, only events run by the organization that owns the number pool will claim the number.


Because public number pools span organizational boundaries, there are a few limitations as to how they behave:

  • Use 'N Reserve only reserves new numbers for events held under the account of the organization who controls the pool
  • Pools which are unique in Class or Group must have identical Class or Group abbreviations and names in the subscribing organizations. E.g., if Organization A has a public number pool that makes numbers unique in Group using abbreviations and names "Group 1", "Group 2" and "Group 3", then Organization B, who subscribes to the number pool, must have identical group abbreviations and names. Groups "G1", "G2" and "G3" will not match and numbers will not be found for drivers.

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