How do I use Google Analytics?

If you are not yet a Google Analytics user, you can find additional information or sign up here

Premium and White Label plan customers can add their Google Analytics Web Property ID to track visitors to pages related to their events on This provides you a wealth of insight including click-through data from your email marketing campaigns. The Web Property ID is part of your tracking code and is formatted like UA-XXXXXX-Y.

Track Pages

  • Private landing page
  • Advertisement
  • Pre-Reg Requirements
  • Order form
  • Attendee list
  • Profile Add (add organization to profile)
  • Results

Adding Analytics Profiles

When using this option with, you should make some changes to the way your Analytics account is set up so you can report separately on traffic to your pages on vs. traffic to pages on your own website(s).

The most commonly recommended approach is to add additional Website Profiles to your Analytics account. Assuming you have a basic account for your website today, you should keep the current profile as it is so that you have one all-inclusive profile of all of your visitor data. Then add two new profiles: one for and the other for your existing website. In each of these profiles, add a filter that "Includes only" traffic from specific domains. Use "" and "" respectively. These new child profiles will filter all incoming data so you can look at everything (the master), just the traffic or just the traffic.

For more details, here are two excellent articles on the subject:

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