How do I enforce Class/PAX combinations?

Autocross/Solo Indexed Class Validation

Autocross/Solo groups frequently use class modifiers to support indexed classes and PAX/RTP competition. We offer specialized support through two Modifier-related rules:

The first rule above is Class is selected + Modifier is not in mapping list. This allows you to specify one or more classes followed by one or more modifiers that must be provided to satisfy the rule. Some examples:

  • "P:*" would require any modifier/PAX for the "P" (Pro) class. The asterisk is a special character meaning "any". Only an empty value will fail this rule.
  • "P:AS,BS,CS" would require a modifier/PAX of AS, BS or CS if the attendee selects the "P" (Pro) class. Any other value, including an empty value, will fail this rule.
  • "N,L:AS,BS,CS,DS" would require Novice and Ladies classes to select a modifier of AS, BS, CS or DS. Any other value, including an empty value, will fail this rule.

The second rule above is Class in list does not allow a Modifier. This restricts certain classes from selecting a modifier/PAX for when it is not allowed. Some examples:

  • "AS,BS,CS,DS" would prevent attendees who choose AS, BS, CS or DS as their class from choosing any modifier. This can be used to prevent non-indexed classes from choosing an index.

Finally, a third rule (not shown above) is Modifier is empty. This rule lets you require the attendee selects a modifier for a given assigner.

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