Keyboard Shortcuts

These 6 shortcuts will help make editing the registration form a breeze. 

  • COPY | CTRL+C (command + c for Macs) - This places it on to the clipboard where you can paste it into another application.
  • PASTE | CTRL+V (command + v for Macs) - Once on the clipboard, this will paste the copied material (once or multiple times).
  • OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB | CTRL+{CLICK LINK} (command + click link for Macs) - This will open the link in a new tab
  • CYCLE BETWEEN TABS | CTRL+TAB (command + option + arrow for Macs) - This toggles between tabs in your browser
  • CLOSE TAB/WINDOW | CTRL+W (command + w for Macs)
  • CLEARING THE CACHE | CTRL + R (command + r for Macs) - This will clear the cache on a computer. It tells it to ignore the cache and forces a reload in most browsers.

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