How to process online check-in

The entire registration is loaded with a check-in widget at the top which provides helpful prompts, especially for less experienced registrars:

  1. Confirm the participant's identity, membership, license, etc
  2. Record what page of your waiver pad they sign or if they have an annual waiver
  3. Make any notes as appropriate for later reference

The timestamp for the check-in and the name of the registrar in an audit log which can be included in reports later.

Additional Check-in Benefits 

With all of the registration data visible, verifying or making changes is immediately at hand combining the speed of check-in with the completeness of the full registration screen.

  • Quickly verify, make changes, or add notes directly to an attendees registration
  • Multiple registrars can work against one list with no manual reconciliation
  • Seamlessly collect payment at the time of check in, plus you can use a cheap $25 credit card swiper to make things even easier  
  • Records a history of the check-in so if an attendee comes back to registration, their information is available regardless if they talk to the same person
  • Records a time stamp and witness of the check-in so you can track who saw the waiver signatures and audit the process
  • Ability to easily see who is a no-show and determine if you want to charge them a fee, issue a refund or credit if payment was required prior to the event.  
  • Possible chargeback preventions as you will have a record of them checking in.
  • Based on the amount of registrants, this can help you determine how many volunteers you’ll need at the event.

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