SpeedWaiver Guests vs Participants


On the Attendee tab, the registrant is shown as an "attendee" under the Participant Category column, because they logged into their profile and registered for the event.

SpeedWaiver defaults to being included on your event's registration form* in an effort to obtain a signed waiver as part of the process to participate. Regardless of whether or not the attendee signs the waiver during the registration process, their "attendee" status will reflect the same on the Attendee tab under the Participant Category column.


If you see "guest" under the Participant Category instead, this indicates that:

  1. The attendee signed the waiver at a later time and MSR couldn't match up the waiver to an existing registration because of a difference in the name (ex: Rob vs. Robert), or
  2. Someone is signing the event waiver that did not register for the event. This could be a member of your database or someone who is not a member.

Using the "columns" filter, select any or all of the SpeedWaiver options:

You'll then see the SpeedWaiver option(s) selected. For the guest, you will always see the SpeedWaiver information whereas an attendee may or may not show the options based on whether or not they signed the waiver:

*Note: The event's default can be toggled to "disable" from within the Text & Copy section of the event:

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