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Registration Form Templates by Event Type

A look at available registration form templates and features by event type.


Looking to create an Autocross registration where cars run on a course laid out with traffic cones without competitors interfering? Our Autocross template includes a basic layout for member and non-member registration.

Highlights: PAX/Class lists for exporting, Season registration credentials, weekend memberships, worker registrations for heats & work assignments. Validation rules for PAX and weekend memberships. Memberships remit to National. Timing & Scoring report options.


Is a Car Control School or Clinic more your speed? These non-competitive events allow drivers to experience the attributes of car control at and beyond the limits, in a safe and controlled environment. This Car Control School template provides am or pm sessions, t-shirts for purchase and lunch options.

Highlights: Class, groups, and numbers for assignments and segments. Number pools, leading zeros and number pool uniqueness. Club profile by venue, classes and groups. Do you need entry limits? Waivers or file uploads?  Instructor sign up? Worker or volunteer registrations? Comped entries for volunteers and student/instructor assignments?


Want to create an exciting Car Show or Concours d'Elegance registration where vehicles are displayed and/or judged? Concours d' Elegance provides a registration fee, vehicle photo uploads, lunch and t-shirt options.

Highlights: Add fees or any additional data. Class, group or number assignments and segments. Or, number pool uniqueness. Do you need the ability to offer multiple entries on the same registration form? What merchandise needs to be sold (t-shirts, catering, etc.)? Banquets or Dinners? Do guests need to make their meal selections? Are their multiple options that they can register for (tours, banquet, car show)? Do they need to be able to pull a report on attendees registered for each option separately?


Interested in putting on a Club Race or Road Racing event where drivers race wheel to wheel on either dedicated racetracks or on temporary street circuits? 

Highlights: Class, group and number assignments and segments. Number pool uniqueness. Fees and additional data. Registration form event type questions can include; Discounted pricing for entering multiple parts of the events? Will workers be registering - by day or by specialty (Reg form, Assignments, Segments and Attendee list)? Are there limits by groups (Validation rules, Registration form, Assignments and Segments)? Do you need to collect entrant info (separate from driver info) on the registration form? Do you allow second drivers? Do they pay a discounted rate? Do they need to go into the T&S (timing and scoring) file - (reg form, assignments and segments)? Late fees or early bird discounts? Do you need single day options or rates? Double dip rates? Parking or Garages? Do you need transponder numbers forced or require rentals? Do you want to validate memberships? Do any classes have contingency fees and if yes, which classes? Membership or weekend memberships? Annual number reservations? Do you need to track series points? Entrants vs. Drivers - do you need to collect and pull specific reports? Do you issue memberships, Licenses and medical information? Safety requirements and online tech? Do you require additional vehicle information to be collected? Do you need to import members or numbers?


Drag Racing allows automobiles or motorcycles to compete, two at a time, to be the first to cross a set finish line. While this has always been popular, we are thrilled to work with more Drag Racing organizations! Here’s a template to try- Drag Racing


Looking to create a Drift registration? This driving technique allows the driver to oversteer, with lots of traction, to maintain control and drive the car through the entirety of a corner. This provides a basic layout for you to add your registration options - Drift Event


Are you planning to host a Driver School on a dedicated racetrack to teach drivers proper high-speed driving techniques? Check out Driver School

Highlights: Event type questions - Do instructors need to be approved and is there a fee? Do you need to assign students to instructors? Do you use driving evaluations? Do you integrate with a sales system or web hooks? Are there limits on run groups?


Fun Run Tours are group drive events often on public back roads. Drivers meet at a starting location and head out on a route together to a venue or location for a social event. It's common to see a fun run or tour events to museums, restaurants and wineries. Check out our Driving Tour template.

Highlights: Will drivers and co-drivers each register themselves or will 1 person register all drivers? Will there be lunch or dinner add ons?


Interested in organizing a Hill Climb event where drivers compete against the clock to complete an uphill course? Then this registration template may be a good start - Hill Climb


Looking to host a fun Karting event? This template includes different kart options, helmet rental options, transponders along with the option for wristbands for both crew and spectators - Kart Day

Highlights: Assignments and segments for classes, groups and numbers. Add event type questions; do you need membership validation? Do you need the ability to offer multiple entries and a discount rate? Do you need validation rules to make sure driver meets age requirements for class? Do you need to force attendees to enter a transponder number or require them to rent one? Do you need to add co-drivers (Enduros)? Is there merchandise to sell (pit spaces, fuel, oil and tires)? Issue licenses? Do you run rental leagues? Do you sell pit passes? Test and Tune or Practice before the race? 


Are you organizing an Off-Road racing event with modified vehicles in either the snow, dirt or mud? Check out this basic template to get your registration started - Off-Road


Hosting an Open Track event with timed sessions for each experienced level? This event is typically open to all levels of drivers and can include in-car instruction for beginners. See Open Track Day Also, see our popular templates: 2-Day Event w/ Single Day Options or HPDE/Track Day Single Day.

Highlights: Consider early bird registrations at a discounted rate, first timer instruction (instructor assignments), entry fees that are limited by types and membership validation, run groups by color, optional vehicle numbers, additional drivers, helmet rentals, ride-along and spectator options, MyLaps Timing Option with personal or rental transponders, GoPro Rentals and SWAG options. Questions can include; Do you want to limit the number of registrations by run groups (i.e. only 4 Novices, 6 Intermediates and Unlimited Advanced Drivers)? Any entry cap or limits? Do instructors sign up? Is that a different fee or no fee?


Need to set up a Tech Session event? Dyno Day is a simple event template that provides time slots for your attendees to prepare their vehicles for things like HP rating, classing and to ask questions. 


Creating a registration where racers compete for the best lap time? Each vehicle is timed through numerous circuits of the track – starting with a preliminary circuit then running through timed laps and finishing with a cool down lap. Test drive this Time Trial template.

Highlights: Is there discounted pricing for entering multiple parts of the events? (i.e. the Endure is less if they are entering a race). Will workers be registering by day or by specialty? Are there limits on run groups? Do you need to collect entrant information - separate from driver information? Do you allow second drivers? If so, do they pay a discounted rate and do they go into the Timing and Scoring category? Do you need to add early bird discounts or late fees? Do you need single day options and rates? Double dip rates? Parking or Garage fees? Do you need transponder numbers forced or require a rental? Do you want to validate memberships? Do any classes have contingency fees? If so, for which classes? Do you require medical and license validation? Do you have annual number reservations? Do you need to track series points? Are there specific reports that need to be pulled for entrants vs. drivers? Do you issue memberships, licenses or medical credentials? Do you need to add safety requirements and/or online tech forms to the registration?

Once you clone a template, be sure to add your own dates, Text & Copy, etc. Here's some helpful hints on what to add:

Advertisement: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How much? Be sure to add a compelling event photo! 
Pre-Reg Requirements: Example - All levels of experience are welcome! Are there any helmet or sound level requirements to note?
Cancellation Policy: Add in Basic Settings so attendees are aware of your policies. 
SpeedWaiver: Enable or Disable, depending upon your needs. 
Event Terms: I agree to play by the rules and treat my fellow attendees with respect and dignity. Is there a photo release? Is there a waiver to add?
Confirmation: Thank you for registering for this event! Please add it to your calendar and tell your friends! 
Email Confirmation: Thanks again for registering! We look forward to seeing you! Here are some helpful reminders: 

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