SpeedWaiver for Stoneridge: FAQ

Q: How do I access my SpeedWaiver account?

  • SpeedWaiver is a Hagerty l MotorsportReg product, meaning you will access SpeedWaiver via www.motorsportreg.com
  • Once you sign-up for SpeedWaiver you’ll be emailed your login credentials. Note that you’ll need to set a new password the first time you login. Once you have your login credentials, simply visit  www.motorsportreg.com and sign in. Be sure to select your organization name and click “organizer dashboard” in order to access the administrator navigation. 

Q: Once I’m logged in, how do I create a new event and a SpeedWaiver?

  • Click “Events” from the menu on the left navigation

  • Click “Add basic calendar listing”, or “Add new event” (varies by account type)

  • Add your event’s details - Event type, location, name, start/end dates. Image and description are optional. Once complete, click “Save Event”

  • Now that your event is created, click “event settings” to access your event’s SpeedWaiver link and QR code, which will be on the right side of your screen. 

Q: How do my event participants access the event waiver?

  • You can share the link generated above with your event’s participants via email, social media, or your website. Additionally, you can print the unique QR code generated to allow participants to quickly access and complete the event waiver on site. 

Q: How will I know if a participant has completed their event waiver? How do I know that their waiver is valid?

  • Once your participant has completed their waiver, they will receive a confirmation screen with your organization's name, the event location, the event dates, and their photo. A link to this confirmation will also be sent to them via text message from 833-670-1070.  If they are able to provide this screen, you can be 100% confident that their waiver has in fact been signed. Simply verify that the person in the photo is the person checking in, and you are all set. There is no way for a participant to get the confirmation screen unless they have acknowledged and signed the waiver. 

  • You can also look up signed waivers from your account anytime by clicking Settings -> SpeedWaiver and using the search function at the top of the page. 

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